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Solar Plans

By purchasing renewable energy from wind and solar farms, we’re adding new clean power near our data centers and the communities around us.

When we sign agreements to purchase clean power, we choose projects that have a material impact in bringing new renewable energy sources to the market. By providing developers with a solid commitment, we help them get the money they need to finance new clean energy facilities. In exchange, we get clean energy at competitive prices, as well as the renewable energy certificates to help reduce our carbon footprint. Together, we make the grid a little bit greener.

In addition, we work closely with utility companies and other energy providers to pioneer new pathways for renewable energy adoption, from New York to California and everywhere in between 

We have partnered with several solar companies and can get the best bid on equipment on solar panels and power walls for installation. No project is too big or small. Ask us about financing and if you qualify for 0% financing.